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Previously full versions of the club Newsletters have only been available as part of the added value that is provided to 00 Live Steam Club members via the restricted access Club Members Area.

Since the launch of the OOLS club in 2011 membership has continued to grow steadily. Over the same period the quality and value of the specialist OO Live Steam information available in the Club Members Area has also increased to the point where the club committee now feel that the Newsletters could be better used in promoting the clubs activities.

The Newsletters are now available for all visitors to the site to read and share with friends and family or other clubs and societies to which they may belong. The OO Live Steam Club have no objection to any part of the content being used for any non-profit making purpose in conjunction with promoting and furthering interest in railway modelling.

Read, enjoy and come and join our community.


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SJ 10 Cover

The Silver Jubilee
Issue No 10 - Summer 201


SJ 9 Cover.png

The Silver Jubilee
Issue No 9 - May 2015

SJ 8 Cover

The Silver Jubilee
Issue No 8 - Jan 2015

SJ 7 Cover

The Silver Jubilee
Issue No 7 - Sept 2014

SJ 6 Cover

The Silver Jubilee
Issue No 6 - Mar 2014

SJ 5 Cover

The Silver Jubilee
Issue No 5 - Sept 2013


Spring Edition
Vol 2 No 4 - Mar 2013


Autumn Edition
Vol 1 No 3 - Oct 2012


Spring Edition
Vol 1 No 2 - Mar 2012


Inaugural Edition
Vol 1 No 1 - Oct 2011